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Comprehensive and collision insurance does not meet the legal requirement. 1806 of the California Vehicle Code CVC requires the DMV to record accident information regardless of fault when individuals report accidents under the Financial Responsibility Law or if law enforcement agencies or CHP investigate and make a report. This may require that you contact the owner of the property for an estimate of damages. Once you have completed this report please mail it to DePARTMeNT OF MOTOR VehICleS...
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Who needs a California SR 1 Form?

An SR 1 Form is a report on traffic accident occurring in California. According to the California Vehicle Code regulations, the driver involved in a traffic collision (or their insurance agent, or legal representative) must complete this form, regardless of fault.

What is CA SR 1 Form for?

The Department of Motor Vehicle uses information provided in the traffic accident report to record accident information.

Is CA SR 1 Form accompanied by other forms?

The CA SR 1 form must precede the submission of a California DMV Form SR-19. Following this provision guarantees that neither party to the accident will have their driver’s license or drive privileges limited by the failure to report the incident.

When is CA SR 1 Form due?

The driver involved in an accident is obligated to submit the report within ten days since the collision that resulted in an injury, death, property damage estimated at more than 750$.

How do I fill out CA SR 1 Form?

The standard SR 1 DMV accident report supposes providing detailed information about all parties involved in the crash. Therefore, the form requires indicating

  • Number of vehicles

  • Date and location of the accident

  • The drivers’ data (name, address, phone number, driver’s license number and date of birth)

  • The vehicles’ details (year, make, model, VIN)

  • Results of the accident (injury/death, property damage)

  • Insurance information

Where do I send CA SR 1 Form?

The driver must sign and date the completed form, and file it with the Department of Motor Vehicle in California. You can file the DMV SR 1 form online at the DMV official website.

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When a person is arrested for DUI in California generally speaking the police officer will take their driver's license and give them a pink temporary license and that says that it's good for 30 days now at that point the person has ten days to contact the DMV and request a hearing to challenge whether or not the license is going to be suspended if neither you know your attorney contact the DMV within the ten days you will forfeit your right to a hearing and your license will automatically go into suspension after the thirty days however as long as you request a hearing within the ten day time period that temporary license is going to remain valid until you have your hearing so even if the hearing takes place two or three months down the line which sometimes it does your temporary license will automatically be extended until you have that hearing at the hearing the DMV will assign a hearing officer to conduct a hearing either by phone or in person to determine whether or not just to spend your driver's license if you have a DUI defense attorney most likely your attorney is going to represent you at the DMV hearing as well and obviously the objective is to convince the hearing officer not to suspend your license he can either suspend your license or set aside the suspension what we want to do obviously is get these suspensions set aside